Joining Zoom Meetings is quite easy.

Etiquette – Please mute your microphone using the microphone icon when you are not speaking to avoid background noise. On PCs this is usually in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window. This might vary on smartphones or tablets. Zoom installation information:

Click links below to see Zoom Meeting installation downloads. If you are using:
Windows or Mac – then select Zoom Client for Meetings to download the app. Run the downloaded app to install on your computer
iPhone App Link and instructions
Android Link and Instructions

  • PC/MAC 
    Video: Participants will display on everyone’s screen. Fellow participants can be shown in small icons, or Zoom can display participants all the same size in boxes. Use your mouse to find these options in the window. The person speaking sometimes will cause their image to maximize in the window.
    If your PC does not have a camera you will not be visible to other participants, but they will still be able to hear your voice if you have a microphone.
  • Audio: If your PC has a microphone you can use it to speak to other participants. When joining the meeting, select which audio option you need. If you do not have a microphone you can call one of the numbers in the meeting information. Once connected you will be prompted for the meeting number and password as needed.

    Mobile Devices
    Each platform has various options. See links above for more information.