Dixie Central Office Open Service Positions Summaries

The following positions at the Dixie Central Office is an opportunity to be of service to the AA community and helping one to stay sober! If you are interested in a position and would like to know more, please attend the regular Dixie Central Office board meeting on the 4th Sunday of the month at 12:30 pm. A PDF of the DCO By-Laws with complete descriptions is available on the ABOUT page.

Web Servant
Create, Edit and Post web pages on the DCO website using WordPress content management system. Manage plugins and structure of website menus and other features to enhance usability, security and content. Coordinate with Meeting Schedule Chair and District 7 as needed to ensure accurate meeting information is posted on the website. Microsoft Excel is currently used to upload all meetings to the website. Familiarity with Excel or other spreadsheet program is required for managing meeting information. Some training can be provided to a person with aptitude for doing the above tasks. Web experience is a plus.

Newsletter Chair
Collect, edit, format and publish articles for the newsletter in suitable media format(s) under the guidance of the District Central Office.