• To provide for a central area office where individuals may call or visit for information on AA groups and members within the area and for the interchange of ideas, experiences, hopes, between members of Alcoholics Anonymous and any other human beings desiring to quit drinking.
  • To foster a sense of communication, camaraderie, and rapport among those individuals attending the various groups in the area served.
  • To assist in the providing of funds for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of an inter-group office which will serve those contributing AA groups located in the St. George area and environs.
  • To provide leadership and direction for the smooth operation of the Dixie Winter Fest Committee and the Conference provided by the Committee, all of which is to facilitate carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
  • Dixie Central Area Office, in keeping with AA Traditions, recognizes the autonomy of the AA groups in the area and does not claim nor desire to perform any governmental or governing function. Dixie Central Area Office pledges cooperation with all neighboring Area Assemblies and all AA service entities.

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